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Spartan Training

hi nancy...this is robert...vicki's husband...
Thanks Nancy...this is a great article...i find myself still have to dispell the mis-information surrounding bio-identical HRT...

I have one client who just turned 80 that i advised him to try bio-identical HRT...and the changes to his muscularity and bodyfat composition are reflective of optimal health...
It is funny, when i suggest Bio-identical HRT to some clients, they will respond with 'oh no steriods are dangerous...And usually i will say, 'no! i'll tell what's dangerous,,,that 50 inch waistline is what is dangerous...Isn't is strange how all of a sudden people get concerned with their health when you mention steriods:)

Nancy Onyett, FNP-C

Hi Rob,
You essentially added more years to your 80-year-old gentleman. This is what we see with aging testosterone drops and estradiol increases in men which through metabolic changes leads to metabolic syndrome, hyptertension, obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, and prostate cancer.
Testosterone when replaced brings an elder to a earlier state in life but must be blood monitored to optimal levels.Every single body system depends on testosterone and when deficient men are symptomatic and develop body fat muscle atrophy with subsequent diseases of aging.
In my practice I use compounded testosterone cream which keeps levels consistent, some are on the injection but that gives peaks and valleys and is best if given SQ every day to prevent the highs and lows.
If you have anyone in Phoenix that needs hormone replacement man or woman you can send them to me. I am located at the Biltmore Medical Mall.
Thank you for your response to this blog.
Nancy Onyett, FNP-C
2222 E. Highland Ave. Suite 318
Phoenix,Arizona 85016

Spartan Training

Thanks Nancy...I am a year or more into training a few men over 80 using Bio-identical HRT and the results are optimal health...

Nancy Onyett, FNP-C

Hi Robert, exactly what the research is showing in studies. Low testosterone leads to diseases of aging. Good for you training those men. I bet they enjoy their youth again.

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